Laurieston Arches, Glasgow

May 2 - 4, 2015


Collaboration with Emma Ewan and Augustus Veinoglou. Produced as part of Glasgow Open House Art Festival 2015.

The installation explores parallells between theatre and church architecture in an attempt to spiritually and vernacularly inhabit a 'non-place'.

Sets by: Petter Yxell
Figures by: Augustus Veinoglou
Miniatures by: Emma Ewan

On a late August evening I stood looking at the silhouette of that house. Two northern bats drew nervous shapes in the soft warm air. The midges bothered me, but I remained still and silent. A cavern opened in my chest. Tomorrow we will have to leave. We will get into the car and roll out on gravel roads towards asphalt and measured distances. Who knows when we’ll be back. Who knows if this constellation of wood and stone will still be waiting for us. Houses, after all, are weak levees against the tides of time. Once empty of people they soon turn into fragile shells – porous exoskeletons. I will have to record these shapes and carry them with me.